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Profound curiosity and a desire to live life fully and authentically were always big themes in Roberta’s life. As a child, Roberta delighted in discovering the magic of nature and that of the all-pervading scents with their mysterious, lingering effects. In 2001, Roberta went through a number of rapid life shifts—a divorce, loss of her job as a software engineer, loss of her home—the kind of changes that come all in one breath and leave one with nothing but a bag full of possibilities. 

And so, Roberta reconnected with her first loves, perfume and nature, and went to Bangkok and studied with an old master and decided that life is too short not to follow heart and passion. The Roberta Andrade Fragrances brand was born after a few years of trials and experimentations in her laboratory in Newton.

The first collection, the Elemental Scents, launched in 2010, was a tribute to nature and to the magic and healing power of the Elements (Air, Spirit, Earth, Water, and Fire). The Elemental Scents collection also features Tabac Blac and Monsieur, two scents designed for men which are equally embraced by women.

The second collection, Supréme, Femme Supreme, Essence|uality, No. 13 and Male Supreme honor the resilience of human spirit, the zest for life, joy, laughter, and the courage to live an authentic life despite all trials.

Launching and running a business can be a lonely and challenging experience, but also an enormously rewarding one. 

Roberta believes that people need customized fragrances for the same reason they need self -expression through color, sound, physical movement and play. Although there is only a finite amount of fragrance materials, as there are a finite number of musical notes or colors of paint, personal expressions are many and varied and they bring joy and love into the world. Please click here for one of Roberta’s interviews!   

Roberta Andrade Fragrances, an independent boutique fragrance house located in Boston, creates original artisanal fragrances, perfumes and colognes for women and men.. 

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