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What is Perfume?

Perfume or parfum, was originally called 'per fuma' from Latin meaning ‘through smoke'.

Perfume originally was used in spiritual rituals in the form of incense to honor deities throughout the ancient world.  Throughout history perfume has been a way to fragrance an environment or a person.

In ancient and more modern times, a signature fragrance became a way to individualize one's self.

These same reasons for fragrance can be seen today, as they were literally thousands of years in the past.


What is perfume made from?

Perfume is made from essences of plants, herbs, flowers and animal scents both natural and synthesized. In more recent years a combination of natural and synthesized materials are combined to create fine fragrances while respecting our fragile world as well as its plants and animals.


I'm confused  - What's the difference between perfume, parfum, extrait, cologne, and toilette?

The main difference is in the strength, and how long it lasts. It also changes the price of a fragrance: the more essential fragrance materials in the mixture, the costlier the fragrance.

Here are some examples of the usual names given to fragrances of different strengths.


  • Parfum, Perfume or Extrait - The strongest, longest lasting with the highest amount of essential fragrance.


  • Eau de Parfum, Eau de Perfume - A medium strength version of a fragrance, less long lasting, less essential fragrance.


  • Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Cologne - The lightest version of a fragrance, not as long lasting with a lower amount of essential fragrance.


Why is alcohol and water mixed with perfume?

Alcohol and water are used with perfume materials, as a vehicle to deliver fragrance to the specific area you would like to apply the product by spray or drops. The alcohol and water mix also helps the fragrance ‘open' or ‘bloom' allowing you to smell the subtle details and depth of a fine fragrance.  

The alcohol and water evaporate shortly after application leaving behind only the ‘opened' or ‘bloomed' fragrance essence finely distributed on your skin or wherever applied.

This is true for women and men's fragrances alike.


How long will my perfume application last?

How long an application of fragrance lasts depends on many factors.

  • What is the concentration of the mixture - Parfum/Eau de Parfum/Eau de Cologne? Discussed in "I'm confused  - What's the difference between perfume, parfum, extrait, cologne, and toilette?"


  • If worn on the skin, how dry or oily is the wearer's skin?  More oily skin tends to keep fragrance longer where dryer skin tends to wear out faster but with more diffusion or a stronger presence around its wearer.


  • On Clothes and in your hair - If you have sensitive skin but like a fragrance, wearing it in your hair or on your clothes is a choice some fragrance lovers make. When wearing on clothes and in your hair, fragrance will lasts sometimes until you wash your hair or clothing. 


How should I store my perfumes?

The best place to store fragrance is in a cool dry and dark place.  I store my most precious and rare fragrances in a cool dry closet where they only get exposure light when I use them.    If you store alcohol-based fragrances in a cool/dark/dry place, they can last for literally years. 


Where should I apply perfume?

Coco Chanel was once asked this question and replied, "Anywhere you want to be kissed."  

You can wear fragrance in many places.  On the wrist, in the small dip of  your collarbone (very sexy), behind the knee.

I often wear a dab of perfume at the nape of my neck in the base of my hairline. I find the skin warms the fragrance and my hair fans the scent around me.

As mentioned earlier clothing or hair is also a good choice for sensitive skin.

Also only wear fragrances externally, avoiding the face, never near eyes, mouth or inside any part of ones body.



Where should I not apply perfume?

Any place where one has sensitive skin.

Fragrance on the face should be avoided, especially avoiding your eyes. 


Where is Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents Perfumes Made?

All of Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents fragrance are blended and manufactured in the US using the finest natural and synthesized ingredients from the US and Thailand.


What inspires the fragrances created by Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents?

The natural core elements of the world, air, earth, fire, and water as well as elements of human nature such as spirit are what originally inspired our product line.

These natural elements of our world and its people continue to be the inspiration for our fragrances.

Can I sell Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents products in my store?

Yes, if you're interested in selling our products in your store, please contact us at customerservice@robertaandrade.com.


Does Roberta Andrade/Fragrances/Elemental Scents make custom fragrances?

Yes, we will make signature fragrances for individuals and prival label fragrance for businesses by appointment. Please contact us at customerservice@robertaandrade.com.


 Are Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents products compliant with International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines?

Yes, Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents products conform to the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines for safe usage of fragrant components and essential oils in perfumes.

Does Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents test any products on animals?

The only animals used to test Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elements Scents are humans. 


Is ordering online safe?

All payments and credit card information are secure using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with  BigCommerce/Sripe as our payment processor.  Visit  BigCommerce/Sripe to understand more about their security measures and why We chose to partner with  BigCommerce/Sripe as our payment processor. 


What is your return policy?

Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents would like you to be satisfied with your purchase however we cannot accept returns or exchanges, due to hygiene and possible product tampering conditions that may occur. This policy helps us maintain strict quality control guidelines, and ensures that every product shipped is in 100% original condition.

We encourage you to order a sample of the fragrances your are interested in prior to purchasing a full sized product.  

What if my order arrives damaged?

If your package was damaged in shipment, please contact us at immediately at customerservice@robertaandrade.com and do not discard the package. We will replace the damaged items and place a claim with UPS who will pick up and inspect the package however we are unable to refund the freight charges.


How will I know that my order has been received?

After placing your order you will receive a web confirmation and email confirmation via  BigCommerce/Sripe.


How can I track the status of my order?

All US orders will ship via USPS or  FedEx ground. Once an order is processed you will receive an email from RobertaAndrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents and USPS or  FedEx with your tracking number to follow your shipment.  Use the package tracking on USPS or the FedEx site to track your package online or you contact us at customerservice@robertaandrade.com.

Can I request a sample?

Yes, samples can be purchased and 2 sample fragrances of your choice will be added to each order.


Do you accept international orders?

Due to restrictions on alcohol based fragrance shipments, Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents cannot ship eau de pafrum or eau de cologne products to international destinations or destinations requiring air freight which includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. US Virgin Islands, or APO/FPO addresses.

All lotions, bath/shower gels, perfume solids and perfume oils can be shipped to international destinations and addresses requiring air freight.   Prior to ordering, please contact us at customerservice@robertaandrade.com or call Us at 617-431-4459 to discuss shipping costs and restrictions that may apply to the destination country.

NOTE: International shipping costs quoted by Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents LLC will not include any tariffs, taxes, or customs charges demanded by the destination country. Any additional costs will be the responsibility of the customer to pay. Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents LLC will not be held liable for undelivered orders due to unpaid tariffs, customs or taxes demanded by a destination county. Please check with the country policies and potential additional costs prior to placing an order.

Will Elemental Scents ship to PO boxes/APO/FPO addresses?

Roberta Andrade Fragrances/Elemental Scents can ship  lotions, bath/shower gels, perfume solids and perfume oils can be shipped to APO or FPO Boxes however please contact us at customerservice@robertaandrade.com to discuss possible shipment prior to placing an order.