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Introduction to Collection Suprême

The story of our second collection, Supréme, is that of the mode! The story of our second collection, Supréme, is the story of the modern person who is faced with great challenges and complex decisions and who learns to deal with life’s twists and turns in an authentic and joyful way.  The Supréme individual has a “crush” on life, is tremendously curious and generous and shows great resilience, intent on building a life on his/her own terms. In a modern world full of doubts, the Supréme individual is a hero of sorts, an energetic spirit that calls to the world and says: "do your best and I will do mine!" And then, s/he puts on the 13 scent (a lucky charm), or any of the other three Supréme scents, and walks right into the danger of living fully!




Those who are excited about life, and who jump fearlessly into the river of possibilities in order to experience everything with all the senses alive, will find this unisex, unforgettable scent   addictive, oozing of ripe juicy citrus, velvety woods and exquisite soft musk. Essenceuality is a scent that stirs pheromones and desire, and it is definitely a unique signature.  


Femme Supreme

Feminine and powerful, firm and compassionate, gently carving her beautiful road in life, the intriguing young woman who wears Femme Supréme, is noticed wherever she goes. People want to be photographed with her--just because. She gets what she wants in life without trying hard. She puts on Femme Supréme,, a sheer floral scent light with soft notes of magnolia, jasmine and white musk, and goes about her business, smiling and humming a soft tune. Yum! 


Male Supreme

When he is in the same room with you, you know it.  His great smile and easy going personality wins hearts over quickly.  Athletic and a natural connector, he cares about people, nature, animals and all the good things in life. Male Supréme is a long lasting, masculine scent that delivers a sexy, clean signature with notes of leather, cedar, amber musk and crisp air. Mmmm, Male Supréme


"No. 13” 

A sleek cat with a charming personality, yes she is. A drop of No. 13 on the nape of the neck or anywhere on the body where she finds the strong pulsation of life, and she is ready to go.  The lady who wears No. 13 snaps her fingers, makes a wish and expects the best in life. When she walks into a room, the lights shine brighter. This sensual perfume with hints of gold amber, rose and jasmine is a lucky charm and she knows it.  Hello darling!