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The Introduction to Elemental Scents


The magic of the natural elements has been Roberta’s inspiration for the first perfume collection, Elemental Scents; it’s about the wind blowing gently, the Earth holding strong, the Air filling our lungs with compassion and soothing our pain, the Water nourishing and healing us, and the Fire regenerating us all. Roberta wanted to create a collection that was comprehensive so that a person could choose any Element for healing, relaxation or for higher energy depending on a person’s state of well-being. With then Elemental Scents collection, one would always have a natural "tool box" to use to get better. For each of the Elements, Roberta offers a variety of sensorial experiences. One can take a shower with a smooth Elements gel, or spray on some energizing Elements, use solid perfume or pat on a delicate Elements body lotion to help feel grounded and more alive. The Elemental Scents can be enjoyed separately or all together, a great set to keep close by at home or to travel with.